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Cancellation of Application/Agreement : You may cancel your Application/Agreement by contacting us within 3 business days (72hours) without stating any reasons, unless any legal service has been rendered. To give us your cancellation notice, please contact Customer Services at: US (888)800-2490 or (213)365-8808 to expedite the process. Or Email to info@angellegalservice.com. You may need to submit a written notice to us for the purpose.

Refund : If you cancel within 3 business days as described above and your payment has been processed already, you will receive a full refund.

Delivery (Commencement of the services) : You can take advantage of all the member/agent benefits and services right after you receive the Identification Number from our system. It can usually be done immediately but please give a day or two at most.

Late Payment & Cancellation of the Membership : Unless the monthly membership is paid in full by the 3rd day of the due date each month, the membership is suspended and all the member service will not be in use. The membership and the related services would be reinstated immediately after the payment of the late due. In case, the late monthly fee is not paid until the next month's fee due date, the membership is cancelled and you should re-apply and re-register a new membership with the then current registration fee and membership fee.

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